Kate Walton-Elliott

(AKA PyoorKate)

Contributing Presenter at Transport Evolved

Kate states that she is somewhat of a jane of all trades. Born a geek, she has worked in IT, music, education and healthcare.

A lifetime classic car geek, Kate’s love affair with her main drive began at the tender age of 13 when she was found grovelling underneath someone else’s near scrap Morris Minor. £20 later the car was hers, and with the help of a long suffering family it was returned to the road. Although classic cars have a terrible eco reputation, she was influenced by Greenpeace’s statement that “it’s better to keep a car on the road longer than replace it with a new one”. But eventually the climate-change math made enough sense that she switched to an EV – a pre-production Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Kate and the iMiev
Kate with her iMiEV – she now drives a Kia Niro EV, a BMW i3, and her classic Morris Minor

The final turning point was a journey in a Peugeot iOn that was one of Nikki’s press cars.

“It [the iOn] was the right size for our proto-family, and clearly capable of more than just being a city run about”

Kate Walton-Elliott

The iOn is also sold as the iMiEV (by Mitsubishi) and the C-Zero (by Citroen) and Kate wasn’t too picky about which version she got. After some searching the TE team managed to find a low-milage CABLED trial Mitsubishi iMiEV – a rare pre-UK production car within her price-range. And she proved its long distance capabilities on her first day of ownership, driving the car back from Liverpool to Bristol that same day.

She reckons that the Morris 1000 would make the perfect EV. Her project to convert her Minor is at The Electric Minor Project.

“Lightweight and rear wheel drive for an easy conversion, what’s not to love? Also, they look gorgeous!”

A contributor to Transport Evolved (the show and the site), when not writing here she can be found on her long running and eclectic blog Substantially lemon based.