Kate Gordon-Bloomfield

(AKA ‘Amerikate)

There are two Kates associated with Transport Evolved — and Kate Gordon-Bloomfield is the one you don’t hear or see much of. And yes, we know there’s a lot of confusion – but THIS Kate is the one that’s married to Nikki.

Kate has always had a keen interest in technology, and currently works in the IT sector. Joint co-founder and owner of Transport Evolved, Kate helps out with some of the essential office duties, like making sure the bills get paid and the taxes get filed.

Like Nikki, Kate has been driving electric since 2007, but has an aversion to being in front of the camera, preferring instead to share her thoughts with the world via Twitter.

When she’s not working, Kate is either found in front of a computer game, the local hardware store or in her wood shop, working on her latest creation. She currently drives a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, but is keeping her eyes peeled for the next-phase of electric vehicles — which she hopes will include a sizable electric pickup truck ideal for carrying large amounts of wood.

While Kate is happy to work with many different types of wood, most of her projects focus on using local native wood stock grown in sustainable, managed forests in the Pacific Northwest.