TEN 324 – Tesla’s amazing Q4, GM, Nissan Pledge Carbon Neutrality, Faraday Future Back From the Dead

The Timings:

00:00​ – Introduction

00:23​ – Welcome

00:41​ – Tesla has a stellar fourth quarter for 2020.

01:36​ – Europe became the world’s largest plug-in car marketplace in 2020

02:32​ – General Motors pledges to go zero tailpipe and carbon neutral

03:21​ – Tesla Model S, Model X get a major upgrade

04:25​ – Lordstown Motors says it’s going to start building Lordstown Endurance Beta trucks next month, confirms an electric van, battery supply agreement with LG Chem

05:13​ – Tesla Semi is ready for production, but Tesla needs 4680 cells to make it happen

06:04​ – Survey from Cox Automotive suggests pickup truck owners want conventionality in their electric pickups

06:59​ – Faraday Future could get another go with a potential IPO, partnership with Geely

07:53​ – Cake revealed new solar-power motorcycle that’s designed to help catch poachers in Africa

08:46​ – Nissan promises carbon neutrality by 2050

09:40​ – Lucid Unveils its brand-new, state of the air Paint shop in Case Grande, AZ

09:56​ – Elon Musk says a Tesla Van will become reality – when Tesla has the batteries for it.

10:12​ – Tesla confirms that the second-generation Roadster is yet again delayed — this time to 2022.

10:34​ – Elon Musk says that Tesla Cybertruck will be delivered at the end of the year in small volumes “if we get lucky”

10:53​ – First Bus, Aberdeen, Launches world’s first Hydrogen double-decker bus fleet

11:10​ – XPeng rolls out new Over-the-air, prepares for its version of Autopilot

11:32​ – Volta Trucks raises $20 million in latest round

11:47​ – 1/3 of all UK Van Drivers say they’re keen to switch to electric

12:05​ – Hyundai-Backed Urban Air Port Air One gets official backing to become the UK’s first urban VTOL airport project

12:23​ – Volkswagen Group Components begins its first battery recycling pilot program

12:45​ – Ford will make Mustang Mach E in China for Chinese marketplace

13:03​ – Arcimoto buys Tilting Motor Works and promises to bring micro mobility EVs to market.

13:22​ – Stellantis, Tesla, BMW all to benefit from new European battery investment program

13:41​ – Tesla confirms it’s had preliminary discussions with other automakers about licensing its autopilot system

13:56​ – Biden administration commits to turning the Federal Fleet all electric

14:14​ – Shell acquires Ubitricity

14:30​ – Boeing says it will make its planes capable of biofuel flight by 2030

14:48​ – Diesel truck sales are surging, despite electric trucks being around the corner.

15:05​ – General Motors to provide Hydrogen Fuel cell stacks to Navistar

15:24​ – NTHSA reaching out to Tesla over that new steering yoke in Model S, Model X

15:41​ – Hyundai Kona EV catches fire in South Korea after recall

16:02​ – Hydrogen vehicle sales tanked in 2020

16:22​ – Byton is under investigation for delayed insolvency proceedings

17:05​ – Dog saved by Autopilot

18:13​ – Thanks, and Goodbye!

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