Pickup Buyers Don’t Want Tesla or Rivian For An Electric Pickup. They Want ‘Normal’

There’s a lot of question over what pickup truck buyers want in future electric pickups – especially with the massive number of resevrations Tesla has for the Cybertruck, how popular the Hummer EV pickup was at launch – and the amount of money Rivian has managed to bring in for its R1T. 

But as a new study from Cox Automotive suggests (https://www.coxautoinc.com/market-insights/consumer-snapshot-electric-pickup-trucks/) pickup truck customers are less concerned about gadgets and fancy styling… and more about buying a pickup that’s at the right price and gets the job done. 

We explain why. Watch the video above to find out more, support us with the provided links, and let us know what you think below — but remember to keep your comments civil!

Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield 

Produced: Transport Evolved

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