Bringing Aptera Back! Full Length Interview With Aptera Founders Steve Fambro And Chris Anthony

Late last year, the reborn @Aptera Motors announced the opening of orders for its upcoming 2022 Aptera EV. And our very own Nikki decided to put her name down for one. And, just before the end of last year, Aptera founders Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro agreed to sit down to chat with Nikki about the company’s history, where they’ve been for the last ten years, and why the Aptera EV currently being prepared for market is very different to its ancestor.

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Please note: this video was recorded in late 2020 – and was intended to be published before January 1, 2021. Due to some issues with the audio on the Aptera side of the call, it’s taken us a little longer than planned to get this one published – so any mention of ‘next year’ actually means ‘this year’ at time of publishing.

Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

Interviewees: Steve Fambro, Chris Anthony, Aptera.

Aptera video and audio provided to Transport Evolved by Dylan Welch Media, LLC.

Edited and Produced: Transport Evolved

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