TEN 321 – Tesla Worth More Than Facebook, GM Rebrands Itself, Porsche Cannonball Run

On Today’s show:

Tesla finishes twenty twenty strong, continues to see its shares soar, is now worth more than facebook and Elon Musk worth more than Exxon Mobil, General Motors rebrands itself for the new ages of electric vehicles, and a Porsche Tacyan driven by the guys from InsideEVs smashes the electric vehicle Cannonball run record in the U.S.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 – Welcome
01:02 – Tesla production, delivery figures send TSLA soaring
02:04 – Rivian hints at factory wraps for the R1T, R1S
03:02 – Model Y standard Range, Third Row options now available
03:57 – GM rebrands itself for an electric future
04:58 – Mercedes-Benz showcases the EQS’ new “Hyperscreen”
06:00 – Volkswagen explains why the ID4 doesn’t offer single pedal driving 06:56 – Nissan source code leaked through poor security policy
07:55 – Lucid rumored to be in talks to build a second factory – in Saudi Arabia
08:55 – Median range of new EVs now above 250 miles per charge
10:08- Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV has amazing sales year
10:20 – Kandi K27 given EPA Range
10:39 – Mark Forhmayer gets hired by Arcimoto (officially)
10:54 – 54% market share for EVs in Norway for 2020
11:11 – VW making a second batch of ID4 1st Edition available
11:25 – Tesla announces new battery deal with Panasonic
11:42 – XPeng to reveal new car on Saturday
11:58 – 69% of cars sold in the Netherlands in December were electric
12:19 – NHTSA clears Tesla in unintended acceleration investigation
12:39 – Li-Cycle announces new battery recycling plant in NY
13:00 – Hyundai hints it’s in discussions with Apple about an Apple Car 13:18 – GM will make electric vehicles for Honda, Accura
13:34 – Tesla Model 3 best-selling car in the UK in December
13:57 – Latest reveal
14:14 – Toyota heavily discounts 2021 Mirai FCV
14:34 – John Deere tests out prototype electric backhoe
14:50 – India to soon have the world’s largest electric ferry fleet
15:08 – SEAT has MO eScooter in production
15:25 – Chevrolet experiences sales boost for Bolt in 2020 – Nissan experiences a sales drop for the LEAF
15:50 – Volkswagen e-Golf has high residuals in UK – higher than a Tesla 16:44 – New Cannonball EV Record
17:50 – Thanks, and Goodbye!