TEN 320 – Tesla Gets Ready For S&P 500, Nissan Says No To UK Aryia Production, VW Secret Shopper

On Today’s Show:

Tesla’s share price gets close to seven hundred dollars per share as it prepares to enter onto the lauded S and P five hundred on monday next week, Nissan shuts the door on the chances that it will make its Ariya electric SUV in Sunderland UK — and blames Brexit for its decision — and a secret shopper from Greenpeace shows that Volkswagen’s dealer network may not share the enthusiasm for electric vehicles that its company CEO has.

The Timings: 

00:00 – Introduction.

00:35 – Welcome.

00:58 – Tesla stock continues meteoric rise ahead of S and P 500 inclusion

01:55 – Herbert Diess gets go-ahead to continue VW’s rapid transition to EVs – but not a contract extension. 

02:53 – Hyundai Kona and Nexo recalled – 

03:53 – Vehicle-to-Grid school bus project hailed a success 

05:01 – Nissan says Brexit means the Aryia will not be made in Sunderland

06:00 – Electric vehicle batteries are now under $100/kWh – but only for Chinese electric buses

07:01 – Hyundai, Kia may stop selling the Kona Electric due to motor bearing issues

08:02 – EV Sales in Europe are bucking the trend – and it’s not just Tesla –

08:57 – Greenpeace Secret Shopper survey suggests there’s a big issue selling EVs to customers

10:06 -Las Vegas approves the Boring Company Loop system for use with Tesla vehicles

10:21 – Tesla has yet again halted construction at Giga Berlin over missing payment – 

10:43  – GM has a teaser for the Bolt EUV – but c’mon

11:03 – Model Y production begins at Giga Shanghai 

11:32 – Volkswagen showcases a new rapid charging station in the Arizona desert – will be used to test high-temperature EV charging 

11:36 – Tesla launches CCS charging adapter — but it’s still unclear when it will be available 

11:59 – Camping World, Lordstown to partner on Electric RV – as well as service locations for EVs

12:16 – LG Chem, Tesla get rumored new battery supply deal

12:36 – Sodium ion battery breakthrough promises great future for batteries 

12:59 – European Truck companies commit to zero emission by 2040

13:16 – H2Accelerate established in Europe to promote H2 Trucks 

13:35 – Canoo unveils its multi-purpose delivery vehicle

13:55 – Nissan announces pricing for U.S. 2021 Model Year LEAFs 

14:12 – Hotwheels Cybertruck delayed – 

14:27 – Amazon’s Zoox has unveiled its own self-driving pod

14:44 – Subaru bringing an EV to market – but is shared with Toyota 

15:07 – Mercedes-Benz confirms two new electric SUVS for Alabama 

15:22 – New Tesla model 3 software update adds extra range 

15:48 – Toyota CEO falls back to old tropes about EVs 

16:50 – Navajo Power Station in Page, Arizona is no more